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Posted By: Reynolds531 Keylogger Countermeasures to watch for - 02/13/11 09:13 PM
Just because WSs are smart too...yes ***EDIT***

You might be careful to cover your tracks. Norton and possibly others ask you to tell the program which logger to ignore. A savy WS can find this setting. So once you have the password you need, maybe take the logger down for a bit. As long as you are sure you are getting what you need that is.

Secondly, a countermeasure apparently out there is to use a password that is also a function on the keyboard, so it blends in with the other keystrokes and cannot be easily picked out. For instance if I pick "enter" as my password, you might think I am pressing the key and you did not capture my password.

Not sure where that came from, but the idea is out there.
Posted By: RMX Re: Keylogger Countermeasures to watch for - 03/11/11 02:08 AM
These 14 yr old I just met online are devious little geniuses... they use programs to "crypt" existing programs to change their signatures to AV's wont see them..

14 year olds... Hope they keep their noses out of trouble.
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