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Posted By: MelodyLane Voice Activated Recorders - 02/23/11 02:09 PM
Board members have used these with great success in cars. Voice Activated Recorders Voice activated recorders at Best Buy. Here are some instructions from JustKeepTrying:

Recording in the car.

You will want a small digital recorder for this one. Again something that is voice activated is a must. Some of these come with a microphone, and they will work best, but not a requirement.

The most important thing with recording in the car is trying to get the recorder closest to the driver as possible and remaining concealed. This is why the recorder that comes with a very small microphone works best. You can hide the recorder, and keep the microphone out enough to pick up audio.

My recommendation for set up: If you have an external microphone. Velcro the recorder under the dash below the steering column. Run the mic wire up the steering column as close to the driver as you can without giving it’s location away.

If you do not have and external mic. Tape or fix to the underside of the driver seat (Microphone facing down, and as close to the center of the car as you can.

Again make sure voice activation is on, and volume and audible warnings are OFF!

Posted By: fight4life Re: Voice Activated Recorders - 02/28/11 10:09 PM
My VAR has provided more useable intelligence than everything else combined. Especially when an A goes underground, they will be talking via cell in the wayward's car. Guaranteed.

I went to Best Buy and bought a unit that probably has way more capability than I need. The full user manual was online. I spent about 30 minutes making sure I had it set up correctly and tested it in my car. I would suggest three things:

turn off the LED
turn off any beep or tone
have it set to voice activation

once I knew it was undetectable, I just turned it on and slipped it into the driver's door pocket. I hear almost everything very clearly.

Others have suggested using velcro tape and hiding it under the steering wheel, which is a more secure location if you're worried about detection. It was so easy to do that I can't believe anyone would not employ this TODAY.
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