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Posted By: Lady_Clueless MAC computers - 04/11/11 10:31 PM
I just read this in an article at


In April 2008, Kait Duplaga of White Plains, New York, and her roommates were the victims of a burglary. The thieves took anything electronic�video games, iPods, DVDs, a flat-screen TV, and a couple laptops. The police had no leads, so the chances of finding the stolen goods were slim. But Duplaga had an ace up her sleeve�she was employed as a �Genius� at a nearby Apple Store.
After Duplaga received a text message from a friend, congratulating her on the return of her laptop, she said she didn�t know what they were talking about. It turns out Duplaga wasn�t online, but her laptop was. Using another computer, she signed on to �Back to My Mac,� software that allows users to access their Macintosh computer over the internet. Her MacBook was indeed online, so she logged in and activated the built-in webcam. At first all she saw was an empty room. But soon, a man sat down in front of the computer and Duplaga was able to snap a picture of Ian Frias. Frias and his partner in crime, Edmon Shahikian, had recently attended a party at Duplaga�s apartment as guests of a mutual friend, and had obviously cased the joint while they were there. She turned the photo and the thieves� names over to police, who quickly apprehended the not-so-dynamic duo.

After reading this article, it occurred to me that, if a couple has a MAC computer with this "Back to My Mac" installed, an out-of-the-house WS could then spy on the BS.

Of course, it could also be a useful tool for the BS if the WS doesn't deactivate it.
Posted By: nelsonak Re: MAC computers - 04/14/11 01:51 AM
You have to modify the camera though. On MacBook cameras, there is a light that is hardwired to the camera that turns on when the camera is activated. You'd have to block the light so it wouldn't be obvious.
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