I am a little desperate. I would welcome help ridding myself of leaving thoughts.

My wife and I are under tremendous stress raising her two teens, running a business, taking care of aging parents, managing a home ourselves, and accepting mid-life.

I am a Christian. I always believed in marriage for life, no matter what. That was until I got left 15 years ago. And saw same thing happen to many close friends. I thought after that, that I would be all the more in favour of marriage for life and what I believed God wants for us. But somehow my thinking has been tainted and I find myself going to what feels like involountary thoughts of ending it and saying I can't do this.

I am not convinced though. And I long for the values I once had, but having hard time holding onto them. My wife doesn't deserve this and I know it must be displeasing to God. And, we have what is by many standards a great marriage in many ways. Not perfect like anyone's isnt. But lots to work with.

Why do I want to run? I have been praying about it and trying to discipline my thoughts.

So I am asking for help to re-align. Prayers and input most welcome.


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