" Most women want a little everyday from their man, whether it be attention or pasturing or whatever…rather than two or three biggies a year."

Well ... duh ... this seems soooo obvious to the females here ... are you saying this is big news for the males?

Really? hmmmmmmmmm

Pep (thinking, reading, waiting)

Unfortunately, the answer is YES, Pep. Why? Because men are built differently. Example?

I read once about a woman that had figured men out. She had decided to find a way where SF wasnt such a battle between her and and her husband. She wanted it 1-2 times a week...she said he seemed like he wanted a wife who could go one to two times a day (what's wrong with that?!?!?! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />. So, she made a deal with her husband.

She would make sure that they got together at least three times a week, barring illnesses and the like. That would be a little more than she needed, but a little less than he needed. In return...once every three months, the would block out a weekend.

It started on a Friday night at 8pm. It ended at Sunday night at 8pm. The kids went to her mother's. And here was what she proposed. Her husband could have any kind of sex with her, anywhere, anytime...and as many times as he wanted over that weekend. She would be available to and for him. She would not say no. No matter what time it was, or what his request was. But, once he had his fill...once he could go no further and did not desire any more, then he was hers for the rest of the weekend to do what she wanted, like going shopping or whatever. She said usually, he was done by early evening Saturday. And the rest of the weekend, he followed her around like a puppy dog with a smile on his face. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

Now, for a man...that two day deal was worth more than all of the other times put together! Now, I am not saying that we just want it 4 times a year. What I am saying is that on those 4 weekends a year, she made them extra-special and was totally available and undistracted to and for him.

Huge!! But what I have found is, while the big weekend cruises or going out to dinner or parties or shopping or whatever are great for women, what registers with you all a lot more is when us men rack up countless hours just sitting with you on the couch rubbing your feet while watching TV. Or sitting at the kitchen table over breakfast, as you tell the gossip of the day.

We like the regular stuff...but we LOVE the big events. Women seem to like the big events...BUT love the regular attention.

I admire that woman.She even said "Hey, look...not like the weekend sucked for me. I mean, I got something out of the SF also!!" She had realized the differences between them on SF, and came up with a great compromise. Wanna bet on how much conflict there is in that house over sex anymore? I am betting not much!!

In His arms.