God can’t raise something or someone that hasn’t died yet. In order to have a Crown, you have to have a Cross. You must die.

are you saying that God wants each marriage to be visited by some horrible trajedy...that is his vision of marriage...

Ark articulated my incomprehension here too. I started musing on this when FH sent me a magnificent post on Christian Husbandry over on recovery.

Must we as husbands suffer to be truly husbands ?

Was I not a worthy husband to my family until I had to wrest my wife , family and life back from the crack of doom ?

Am I now more worthy though I am left with self worth issues, great sadness and a forever degraded relationship with Squid ?

Was her affair and my near destruction a 'gift' from God to inspire my husbandry ?

I don't understand MM. Help me to understand.

MB Alumni