I see what you are saying Ark, and I see the stereotypes, but I also read more into it. I do believe that after women and men get married, many do settle in, and things change...not that women change and become these snakes, but that you get comfortable, take things for granted, a new side comes out that perhaps the husband didn't expect?

I also truely believe that MANY women think with thier hearts and not with thier heads, just like MANY men think with their heads and not with their hearts, and I see these teachings by MM as working into those catagories.

I think what MM is trying to say is alot like what I am learning in my Celebrating Recovery.

here is a note of what I learned last night then I will get to my point lol

Insanty - Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result each time.

Sanity - Wholeness of mind and making decisions based on truth.

When a Christian doesn't put their faith and trust in God first, and tries to solve their problems on their own - it leads to insanity. Chaos will follow. A Christian must trust God's plans, and let God help them solve the problems. God must come first.

What I see MM teaching is that men might be trying to be the Sanctifier first, before being his wife's savior first. In trying to be the sanctifier - he is trying to save his wife, "sanctify" her, change her, but he is doing so without being the savior first - the savior who puts unconditional love oh nis wife, the savior who would die for his wife. In doing that - he gets no result - you cannot change someone.

But in being the savior first- loving your wife for all her faults, not expecting her to change, then the sanctifier, changes will come on their own - maybe in your own ability to change and except your wife, as it was how God designed men and women.

This is what I am reading from it.


DS...well said!