What do you do for a living? lol

You have wisdom like my father does. I e-mailed him your teachings on the man's role and this was his responce - as I know he loves to hear everyone's teachings on Christ.

"Hi darling daughter:

Over the last two days, I've read what you sent me and would say that I have little argument with it, other than the calling onesself a wife's savior. That makes me uncomfortable. In all things we are to die to self but that hardly make's me or you a savior, however it does make us a leaders by example. Other than that, what he said was truth. Reading expostions such as these are good for me as it reminds me of my weeknesses. I then spend various amounts of time meditating about it, but not too long.

If I start focusing on the rules, I will then try to follow the "rules" and end up trying to become more Christ-like as a rule keeper within my own strength and ending up captive to the old me rather living life with freedom in Christ.

When I learn or re-visit truth, my first action is to pray that the God will open my heart to receive it, that He will teach me to listen to Him when guides me and then to get on with my life with the expectation that the preceding will happen. When I fail as I always do in just about every area, God brings to mind what I learned before or shows me through many different means new or expanded truth, I repent and on we go together again.

As I mature in Godly living, the good things that God does through me have started to out number the worldy good things that are of no eternal value and the just plain bad things.

I'm sure you already knew all of the above, but you know I like to hear myself talk anyway.

I love you.


Dorry (aka Deeplysorry)
me FWW - EA/PA fall of 2004
FWH EA/PA late spring 2005
Got our acts together July 2005 and started recovery.

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