MM, Ladies,

May I interject something here. As I was reading part of this post yesterday and then today, I was struck but something I thought I would share with you. It is not Biblical, it is a true story told to me by a friend who works in marine biology.

It seems this friend knew a fellow that work with dolphins. They were training some dolphins to jump through a hoop. All of the dolphins picked it up rather quickly except one of them. This particular dolphin refused to do this. The fellow tried for about a day with now luck. So a co-worker came out with him. The co-worker noticed that the fellow was not holding the hoop vertical, he had it tilted. He suggested that the fellow hold it vertical and the dolphin jumped right through.

Now the friend that told me this story looked at me and stated: "It makes you wonder who was training who doesn't it?" I laughed.

This thought came to me when you all were talking about the heirarchy between God, husband, and wife. And it was further enhanced by the statement that Adam was not complete so God created Eve.

Do you suppose that men's role is their role because they have more to learn and thus must be closer to the source?

My point and perhaps the point MM is making is that we preceive things from our perspective, but that does not mean that we know the purpose or the merit of it all. One learns most, when one is forced to teach.

I have always thought that we assume a lot when we assume our perspective is the whole picture, just as assuming that women are "second" class based on the heirarchy just might be an incomplete picture. The full picture requires both H and W and some firm guidance, right MM?

Just a thought.

God Bless,