Let me tell you a little bit about my sitch.
I am FWW, it's been more than 2 years with total and complete NC. My H says he is done....he doesn't 'feel' like he wants to work on our M and that he is with me because of the kids.....that he is not interested in a relationship with me.
I am Christian and I am repentant for what I did to God my H and my kids.....there was/is a lot of pain.

For the past months I have been trying and trying for my H to forgive me for I have done. I have done everything humanly possible (or so I thought). This past weekend I cried out to God and ask him what I was doing wrong. There was no answer at that very moment.
The next day, somebody told me that I had not worked on the things that my H needed me to change.....I asked what were those....I certainly had changed spiritually, I had matured.
The Lord revealed to me that those spiritual changes he did not recognize them or did not understand them because he is not Christian. And the most important thing that I needed to change was the time I spend with my family, especially with my kids, that there was very little time spent there (on my part). That men did not like that....(true??)
I work full time, go to school and I am doing my internship in a shelter for battered women. I do not have a lot of time to do pretty much anything else.
Well, the Lord pretty much revealed that I needed to give up my school, to give up my career.....I was telling him that I was afraid and to give me a sign....then I come to this forum and I read this;
Giving up my career was very painful. It was everything to me for most of my adult life. I had in almost 10 years before I met my wife. My career predated my wife. Giving it up was a sacrifice. And she has noticed. It is probably the MOSt important thing I have done that brought us back fro the brink of sacrifice for her...even while she was actively running away from me.

OMG!! I can not believe have NO idea!! this is incredible....I am so happy that I found this....I know is going to hurt!!...but now I know the Lord is hearing my prayers!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!