Sorry I didnt see your post before now. I am glad you are listening to the Lord. He will direct your path, wherever that may lead.

I do not know what He would have you do specifically (e.g. leaving your career, school, etc). You will need to listen to Him.

I do know from what little I know of your sitch that you have put all of these things before your husband. And whether he is a believer or not, you cannot do that. As it says in the text above. Your husband will be won through your behavior, through your submission to what the Lord has asked of you.

Might I suggest more discussion on this here and with your pastor. On all of this. And of course, the primary way you will know His will is through prayer (as you have been doing).

I learned to ask this prayer when I didnt quite know what His will was: "Lord, I am not sure of your will here. So, I am trying to make the best decision possible. I am trusting you to put up a wall if this is the wrong direction...and to open a door if it is the right one."

And then, I would step forward on faith!

No matter what happens with your husband, the Lord will take care of you, if you follow His will.

Isnt it amazing what happens when we let go and let God???

Standing in His Presence

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