Might I suggest more discussion on this here and with your pastor

Well, unfortunately I can not do that at church. Our church is a mega-church and as you can Imagine my pastor doesn't know me personally.
I have two godly women that I pray with and they both have told me that this decision is very good for my family.

I learned to ask this prayer when I didnt quite know what His will was: "Lord, I am not sure of your will here. So, I am trying to make the best decision possible. I am trusting you to put up a wall if this is the wrong direction...and to open a door if it is the right one."

And then, I would step forward on faith!

I am actually asking for this....I am eager to hear from the Lord. You know today is not a good day for me. As I have been seeing that my H has hardened his heart towards me.
He does not care about any single thing that I do or say...I feel like quitting but I know my feelings are not reliable either.
I think I have lost hope for this M.
Please feel free to give any advice or to ask questions if you wish.