No problem. As I have said...if you trust the Lord, He will show you the way.

One thing though...about counseling. I am a firm believer that counseling that concentrates too much on the past is not good. rehashing things from the past, especially painful things, does what exactly? I have met several counselors and therapists that have said concentrating on the past does nothing but bring up the past. You cant change what happened. All you do is bring back the pain.

Where it does help in a limited extent is to help free a person of some issues of the past.

So, please be careful. I have heard that the healing, many times, is just dropping the past and moving forward. Look at what the Harleys do. Do they concentrate on the past? Well, a little. They list out what needs werent met or what LBs were made. But then they have you get busy on the future doing things different. In counseling with Steve Harley, he doesnt let a spouse, for instance, go on and on about "he did that" or "She didnt do that." Too much discussion of the bad parts of our past just leave use depressed and not wanting to move forward.

The past (the bad parts) is best addressed when we are healthy, not when we are sick.

Just my two cents!

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