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Hey MM,

Peperband told me briefly about your story. She said it's a very inspirational read. She said that you did an awsome plan on your wife with Steve Harley and on the day of the final hearing your wife came around and decided to work on the marriage...

How about a thread with the short version so we can read it... I haven't been able to find your story.

Working on it. Hope to have it up shortly!

MM, in the meantime can you at least bump your old thread to the top so we can start reading it? Or is it gone for good? Thanks!

I am a 32 yr old betrayed husband.
My wayward wife is 31.
Married 3.5 years.
Found out about affair when it started around 10/1/08.
Affair started as emotional via internet, then went physical.
Wife moved out on 12/27/08.
I filed for legal separation to get visitation with my son--wife countered with big D but now says she is in no hurry to finalize the D??
Currently in Plan A.
3 yr-old son.
7 yr-old step son.
11 yr-old step daughter.