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The Imago therapy is dealing with issues from the present and the issues from the present drag up parts of the past in childhood automatically. It is kinda weird, she will be talking about something she is feeling and it makes her feel like it did when this or that happened. Then I should be helping her to release it. It's kinda weird but makes some sense at the same time. Not too much stuff from the past, just how the present issues drag those old memories up and the old memories need to be done away with. Am I making any sense? lol

You are.

Another question...is your wife saved?

I would have said yes before the A. She was baptised in February and was really getting into our church but then this. She seems to have turned from him lately.

BH-me 32
Married 5 yrs. together for 8
EA for a week went PA and WW immediately left home leaving everything behind.