Thanks Mortaman for your thoughts on my situation.

I had been thinking for a while that he just felt like he wasn't needed anymore. I did take up everything and he just ended up being a border and playing with the kids and I picked up all of the slack.

We are currently separated so it is even harder, but whenever he visits there are jobs around for him to do. He came home the other day and I was mowing the lawn, always his job, and he took over. I started to say I'd do it but then let him in. He seems to like changing the light globes and doing the garden and fixing my car.

Small things, but it's a start I guess.

I hope one day soon we will have an opportunity to chat and open up. He is resisting that at the moment so I am just being amicable and friendly and trying to let my inner beauty develop and shine again. I just go so caught up in me and daily life and being a nag and a nasty person got easier. He hates me like that and with the few changes I have made, he's starting to like me again and I am starting to love me again!!!

Thanks again for your post Mortaman. I have printed it and am reading Proverbs too as well as letting go and letting God for my husband's side. You have been an inspiration and I too would love to read your struggle/recovery story.

BS 32 (1st marriage), WH 38 (2nd marriage), DD 3, DS 1
Married Aug 2002, EA/PA 2005, NC mid 2005
EA Jun 2008, Plan A, 1 Aug 2008, WH moved out 14 Sep 08, D-Day 14 Sep 08, Moved home 2 Nov 08, moved out 30 Nov 08
Plan B, 2 Dec 08, broken 5, 11, 15 & 17 Dec 08
Current Status: Contact for visitation, children and finances.
Embarking on a new plan to Let go and Let God and to not settle for less than I deserve!