Isn't love grand!! A man from her past is coming back to her life to rescue her. Her knight on a white horse. And on the other side is well you. You know the guy who has stood buy her all these years and treated her daughter as his own. You know the boring guy.

Now her love bank is in the red. Every woman who is having an affair sees life this way. I can tell you that is text book. So what are you doing to stop her affair. You might want to go into General Questions area of the infidelity section on how to expose the affair and stop it.

If it were my wife I would let her know if she is dating I am going to assume she no longer wants to be married to me. Actually I did tell my wife that when I filed for divorced. I always thought that if my wife wanted to date then I did not want to stand in her way. My ex was sleeping with another guy and I filed and she freaked out and came around fast. In my opinion no woman is worth it who does this but that is up to you.

The first step is to expose the affair to your wifes family and the other man's family and wife or ex-wife. Sorry for what you are going thru I know how horrible that is.