Did you ask anything about the evening? Did they have sex. How would you know if they didn't? I'm glad to here you threatend her with filing. She said she was going to decide after their dinner. BS. She now knows that you will let her date him if she pressures you. How much longer do you think she will wait to push the envelope and have sex with him? Let me tell you how it would happen. She will say once again. "I am having dinner with him once more to gain closure". She will say she will be home by 10:00. You will call at 10:15. Her phone will be shut off. Then you will call at 11:00. And the phone will still be off. Then you will call at 1:30 in the morning. She will answer this time and say, that they went for drinks and she will be home by 2:00. She will role in at 4:00 and confess that they had sex twice that evening. She will say she wants to work on your marriage, and does not want a divorce. She will say something like. I just need more time to figure this out. Be prepared.

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