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I confronted the OM immediately, and let them both know that no more communication will happen between them, or there would be severe consequences. In addition, I told him I would tell his wife unless he did. And he apparently has now. I plan on confirming that with her this week.

Good! Please do contact the OM's W yourself and make sure she has all the facts about the affair. It is not uncommon for a WS to spin the story to the BS if he thinks you are going to tell her. A typical spin would be "MrBS [you] is a jealous wackjob who believes everyone is trying to get in his wife's pants. He has imagined i am having an affair with his wife!" So when you do call, she is furious that you would try and tell her a lie about an affair. So, be prepared to overcome his likely spin by being willing to produce all your evidence of the affair.

And most importantly, SPY on your wife so this doesn't happen again. Trusting your spouse TOO MUCH is what has led to this affair. I wouldn't make that mistake again. Put a GPS on her car, install flexispy on her phone and put a keylogger on her computer. She will be very tempted to contact him again so you will want to catch it early in order to nip it in the bud.

It is not lack of trust that ruins marriages, but a lack of boundaries.

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