Just to give everyone an update. I had my wife write a "No Contact" letter last night, and she sent it after I approved. Today I e-mailed the other wife and asked her what she knew had happened. Well, it turned out the guy was telling the truth, and he had told his W every last detail. The shocker was, he told her even more then my W told me. So, we're sitting down tonight to discuss details (which the OW has already told me), and we're going to try and practice some "Radical Honesty". She knows I talked to the OW and that she told me everything, so this should be interesting to see what she shares. Maybe there's more that we both don't know.

I've also established some more strict boundaries with her. She can no longer spend any time with another guy without me there. I trusted her before to be able to do this, but she's shown that she can't.

She's also agreed to go through this site with me and read all the content and advice on how to progress after an affair. This is making things very hopeful that we will get through this together. She's still definitely in her "fog", and we've discussed that. She had really strong feelings for this guy, and she may have even thought it was love. But it is definitely over now, and only time will tell if she will be able to resist any temptation she has while still in the fog. Does anyone have advice on how to treat her while she's in this state of "foginess"?