Okay, thank you for the reality check that everyone on here is in their own situations, dealing with their own stuff, and in all different stages of healing. Of course, my last comment was "BS Fog Babble" and I didn't mean to say it. I take it back. I know it was highly presumtuous and premature, but I think a lot of people who post here are being highly presumptuous about my W, our marriage, and where we are in the process of repairing what she's done, when they only know this little piece of my life. I know I set myself up for rediculous comments when I post something so private up on a public forum, and I guess I just need to realize that. Take the good, and leave the bad, as MaritalBliss said.

I don't know, should I be posting in the Recovery forum already? I mean it's only been like 2 weeks since D-Day. We're both kindof in our fog. We're going through the motions of repairing our relationship, but it's still very hard to sleep, and the anger and hurt is still subsiding. I guess that will probably continue for quite awhile.

Just an FYI, I'm not totally clueless. I am not granting my W blind trust again by any means. She's being monitored very closely, and in complete secrecy, as much as it pains me to do it. I hope that some day I won't have to anymore. I've always been very trusting, and it just sucks that those days are over.

Anyway, off to work. More to follow.

BS (Me): 32
WW: 32
D-Day: 12/28/09 (fresh in my mind)