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1. You understand that your wife can never have any contact with OM again for the rest of her life. Has she aggreed to this?

As I said previously, I laid down the boundaries FOR her the other day. Then after a post suggested that was the wrong approach, I talked to her last night and took those boundaries back. I told her what the boundaries for ME would be, that I would adhere to, and that she would need to think about her own boundaries and let me know what they are that she promises to uphold. I'm confident she'll come back with the same boundaries that we discussed, but much more meaningful coming from her.

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2. OM is not you freind. You owe him nothing, infact you owe him less than nothing. Do not minimize his involvment in this, he is scum and should be treated as such.

You are correct. OM is not my friend anymore. I have NEVER minimized his involvement in this whole thing. As a matter of fact, even though my W was weak and went along with it, he really strung her along, used her to fill his sexual voids, and dumped her just as quick. He told her that he loved her, always left their meetings open to a future meeting or contact, etc. He is scum, and if I ever see him again then I would like nothing better then to deck him. Actually, because of how he treated her in the end, my W would probably deck him too. smile That would be fun.

I just don't understand why some guys would rather get their rocks off with your W instead of being great friends your whole life??? What's up with that? Doesn't friendship mean an f'n LICK to guys anymore these days?

Along those lines though, I have to admit that my wife is drop-dead gorgeous, and I am going to find it hard to get close to other couples from now on due to the fear that another guy will try the same thing. Does anyone else have this problem? I've told her that she will ALWAYS be faced with temptation throughout our lives, and that if she wants to stay married she's going to need to deal with and learn how to control herself when that happens. She's one of those low-self-esteem hotties, as I would describe. I think working on her self-esteem and self-image might be really good for us to work on going forward.

Okay, off to work. . . .

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