Wow, great advice Mrs. W. Concerning the boundaries for myself, I did state them to her. I promised I would never put myself in a position which might lead to temptation. I promised not to ever be with another W unless she was there, even if it was just for lunch or something. I promised "Radical Honesty". The one thing I didn't say was what I would do if she still kept in contact with the OM. Or what I would do if she did this again. I honestly don't know what I would do. I also kindof feel like if I told her that, and she did it, then she would try her hardest to hide it from me and would never tell me the truth. I guess it's a catch 22.

I understand that even I am capable of cheating if the situation was right. I would always hope that I would make the right decision, but I guess I don't ever want to find that out. I've set my boundaries with her, and I will stick to them.

I'm going to look into an MB seminar right now. Thanks for the great tips!

BS (Me): 32
WW: 32
D-Day: 12/28/09 (fresh in my mind)