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BTW, since I'm still in the "Surviving" forum. . . . does anyone else have this problem? I'm sitting at work, doing my business, and then negativity starts to infiltrate my thoughts. I start thinking about the TIMELINE. Even though I've already done this 1000 times, I start to think about where I was on the days she was cheating on me, what my mood was, what her mood was, what we were doing that day, e-mails she sent, texts she sent, what signs I might've seen, whether we made love on that day or not. . . . . my heart starts to race, my head and hands get hot, I can barely see straight, and the pain starts to rush back as if it had just happened.

Does that happen to anyone? I hate it. I know those moments will start to go away, eventually.

I had these same thoughts and they went through my head every couple hours it seemed like. I always asked my FWW for the dates and details but we could never get through it without me getting mad. This went on for about a week.

Then one day at work I got an email with a subject of "answers to your questions". She laid out the time line for me. It wasn't easy reading it but it helped me put together some of the days we had went through where things didn't make sense to me.

I used to look back and think I did something really nice for her on this day and she was a total B.... to me. I always wondered if that POS had contacted her that day. It really helped to piece it all together.

If you are having thoughts about all of this I would tell you to ask her to give you the dates of all of this. Doing this is not dwelling on the past but it's helping you heal from it.

Me 36
FWW 34
Married 9 years
2 Children 8 and 4 years