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It's not that I think the forum is to "tough", I just think there's a difference between a support group and a group that laughs at you because they think you're in "denial", redicules you for having any level of trust, attempts to turn you against the marriage you're trying to save, and then insults you if you don't take their advice. Maybe that's the way you long-timers roll. Frankly, I really can't see myself in this forum 5 years down the road ridiculing everyone who is struggling with infidelity, telling them how stupid and gullible they are, and trying to convince them to submit their WS to a polygraph. But, if that's what floats your boat, then so be it. Kindof pathetic if you ask me.

Awww, SS...stick around man...You will eventually see that folks are just trying to look out for you...Most people ARE naive in the early stages - those are just facts...I am a firm believer that you should inspect what you expect...Right now, you can surely see that it would be a fool's mission to place your trust in your wife, right? Look, I'm telling you like it is from the other side of the fence...Trust, but verify...yanno?

And BK? He's not so bad - Mr. W and I know him - he's a good guy, even if he is a Foster's drinkin' Aussie! grin

Settle in, consider all posts - knowing they do have your best interests in mind...really...

Have you thought more about the MB weekend?

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