I've replied to you once on this thread but feel compeled to do so again.

You totally, out of hand, reject the advise that BK has given to you, in an effort to not believe the truth of your broken M.

Did you catch that= BROKEN MARRIAGE!!!

You allow yourself to be completely gaslighted by your wonderful wife who has had two affairs in the very first five years of your M. The so called "honeymoon" period when such a thing should actually be imposible.

I warned you about the elephant that would reside in your living room and you dismissed that as not possible.

Your WW owes you and your family a GREAT compensation for the damage and harm she has done to you and your family. That's if she is truly repentant and has changed her heart.

Ignore experienced posters if you like, it's your life and your M. Don't expect however, the resultant years will be good. These 2 infidelities will eat at your soul till they drive you crazy. They could actually lead you to a place that you never envisioned.

Your WW begs for forgiveness, but doesn't realize that it will not happen unless and until she has determined what is wrong with her, and how to correct it. For you to accept any less is to sell yourself and your family short of what it deserves.

BK is not one who berates for the sake of insults, but rather, instructs from his experience. You can take what he or I say and dismiss it in an instant. Or you could accept some wise counsel from those who have been forced to walk in your shoes long before you ever noticed the neon sign that flashes

Your choice, of course, but there are any number of caring folks on this forum who will not blow smoke up your posterior.

Just saying, yanno.

All Blessings,