We had an ice storm of sorts on Wednesday night which kept some folks home for the evening.

One couple that came REALLY needs to learn this stuff. I have known him for about 3 years and have been trying to get him to look at MB the whole time I have known him.

They both put their cell phones on vibrate and the entire hour and a half they were in the room with us one or the other was looking to see who was calling. He's in Conflict; she's in Withdrawal and they each carry so much resentment that I'm surprised they even made the effort to make it. (They were late and arrived in separate vehicles.)

The one thing that is already different, other than being a smaller group so far is that my wife told her story of how we have come back from the brink using MB concepts. It was week two when prompted by questions in the first class, but she basically volunteered the info this time in the very first meeting.

My wife and I are also meeting with a couple we know. They can't make Wednesday nights, so we are basically doing the FILSIL book with them at another time.

The Friday night groups that are meeting in homes of members that are studying the Home Builders material kicked off last week and we have about 20 people at a "Grace Based Parenting" seminar this weekend. Our first time MB class is planning a February get together/reunion.

Good stuff is happening in Shorewood, Illinois...

God is GOOD!