I got some photos of the ice from rural Iowa. Yikes! Deer frozen solid, and every strand of barbed wire as thick as your little finger with ice. It reminded me of an ice storm we had when I was about 13 that lasted 7 days, followed by a day of snow. We were without power for most of the time. When it came on, we ran water into buckets and jars, then took a bath really fast in case it went off again. And we ran all the troughs full of water for the livestock, about 200 head of cattle and 8 horses, that we had driven up to the barn so we could keep them fed.

It sounds like you have a whole new group. Are the members of the first group continuing on with the concepts on their own, or in another class? It would be hard for me to do that in a class with my friends. But, then again, I can't even get my wife to pick up the book.