I think you are on to something. I have created a FB page for my family and a very good friend of mine contacted me through it. I hadn't heard from her in many years and talked to her a long time on Sunday night for the first time. Last night I dreamed that my FWH and her were having an A. I have found since D-Day I am really paranoid about inviting women into our lives. I have found a way to stop my dreams midstream and change them so last night I stopped the dream as my DH was telling me about their sexual experience and I ended it on my own terms where I hooked up with this very handsome, successful guy who promised to treat me with respect and never cheat on me. I ended my dream with my DH changing his mind about my friend and wanting me back an dme telling him no. I do think that my dreams are a protection mechanism to protect me from hurting as bad as my DH hurting me before.