Oh, I agree with you, Mark.

I just don't think my clergy would go for any member of the laity teaching anything. They are having enough struggle with having two stock brokers, an economist, a management consultant and a real estate developer lead weekly meeting on personal financial improvement.

I think my wife would scoff at the very I idea of the less-than-perfect husband like myself daring to teach others about marriage. Of course, that is not what it would be. As you say, it is leading a discussion from the teachings of someone who is an expert on marriage. Nevertheless, at this point, I don't feel qualified to or justified to consider taking such a lead, precisely because my wife doesn't see me as a great husband, and doesn't see Dr. Harley or Marriage Builders as being any different than John Gray, Dr. Phil, or those other popular authors.

So for now, I am going to just try to plant the seed by donating the books and CDs to the church library, where they will be highly visible on the New Books stand in the meeting room near the kitchen. Keep the support and ideas coming, and update us on what your group is covering each week. I am taking notes for when we do get an MB class going.