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I've found that the majority of couples do not need a marriage coach. They can learn to resolve their conflicts and restore love to their marriages without any outside help as long as they have a plan that works and motivation to follow the plan. I've provided you with that plan, now all you need is the motivation. But if either you or your spouse lack that motivation, don't go through the rest or your life with a loveless marriage, or worse yet, end it with divorce. Instead, get the help you need to do the right thing when you don't feel like doing it.

Amen to that! Is that out of the book Effective Marriage Counseling, markos? Did you actually get the book?

No, Melody, that's out of the second article I linked to, which you can read here: http://www.marriagebuilders.com/graphic/mbi8116_coach.html

There are lots and lots of gems on this site. It bears re-reading many times. It probably would be smart for me to start a notebook of quotes or something. I'm about to start a near-comprehensive re-read of the site. smile

Some of the material from the articles I linked might be in the new book; I'm not really sure.

No, I don't have the book; I read every excerpt I could off of Amazon using their "look inside" feature. You get in there and start with the first page they will show and click "next page" repeatedly until you have read everything available. Then click "surprise me" and you will go to a new location in the book. Here's the trick: click back two pages from this point, because you are in the middle of a five page excerpt that has been made available to you. (I think it was 5 pages ... maybe it was 7!) Read all 5 pages, then click surprise me again. Repeat the process for awhile, and you'll get to read a nice healthy "I stood for what seemed like forever in Barnes and Noble looking at this book" chunk of the book. You'll start seeing repeats after awhile, but even after that you may get surprised with something new.

Eventually Amazon's systems will kick you out of that book, or out of the feature for the day, and that's how you know for sure you've seen all it's going to show you.

For the record, you still won't have seen enough of the book to keep buying it from being worthwhile.

I've done this with that Harley book and possibly another, and then several of Gary Chapman's books.

I always find myself doing this with marriage books, usually with something I've already ordered and am waiting to arrive. smile

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