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I don't understand why this thread is listed among the "Notable Posts".

Many of the sentiments expressed by the OP appear to be in direct conflict with Marriage Builders Principles - especially the POJA and Negotiations. Some are even offensive...

Chris, for one thing, you are on the SAA forum! When you have fought an affair and survived, it places you in a position of respect! Mortarman has a great deal of respect from those in this community that have also fought an affair and survived.

Mortarman is also a Christian and expresses himself as such without apology. Many of his posts are notable... Even the ones you might find offensive!

He is one of the good guys! He has a recovered marriage!

He has helped many succeed as well!

I personally have a great deal of admiration for Mortarman and for his knowledge about the MB Program.

Recovery began 10/07;

Meeting my wife's EN's is my "thank you" that refuses to be silenced.