I don't visit here much anymore. I have moved on. I was cheated on for so long and he only saw his side.

In my humble experience it is never the cheater's fault. THey were aalways driven to do it or they deserved it becasue we failed them...

I am long since divorces and he tells me weekly how he misses me, she is unreasonable, manipulative, jealous... I am sure a few years ago he was living with me telling the OW how unreasonable I was.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you have to take care of yourself and do the right thing. If you do what is right for you and your children, the rest will all work out. The biggest thing I take pride in is taking resonsibility for my own actions. strenghts and weaknesses.

Just keep your honor and self pride. It is all we really own.

49 yo F
2 kids M15, F12
H having/had? affair
has 2 OC (twins)age 7