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Are you familiar with Nouthetic Counseling?
That is biblically based counseling and is often free. It was hugely important in our recovery efforts.

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Hey FH,

This is the second time I've seen you mention Nouthetic Counseling (you posted about it to Halfunit recently) and I have to say I've researched it a bit and compared it to MB.

Jay Adams...the founder of Nouthetic Counselling seems very much like Dr. Harley in that they both believe and have had far superior outcomes utilizing DIRECTIONAL counselling (errr...coaching) versus traditional non-directional counselling. BOTH programs/plans (including MB per Dr. Harley see below) are fully supported by scripture (and both are dependent upon the person, pastor, counselor's interpretation of the Bible). I just recently wrote Dr. Harley about Nouthetic Counselling (after you brought it up last week or so) and he informed me that within a year he intends to have published a devotional book detailing the precise scripture that backs up every detail of the his MB plans and concepts. (should be revealling as I don't know the scriptures like you or him). He also said, like many things, there exists other scripture(s) that can be pointed out which could be perceived to conflict with MB. Thus, it is my contention/opinion that MB IS biblical counselling/coaching but written in a secular manner that anyone can use it...regardless of religion.

The area of largest conflict between Nouthetic Counselling and MB is the notion of poja versus submission. Dr. Harley feels that almost all Nouthetic Counselors misses the point of rebuilding LOVE when they eventually come back to the notion that a wife should simply submit to her husband. Poja is different than submission....but still biblical????

Personally...I PREFER to have my wife love me and CHOOSE to be with me based upon LOVE (a fully Christian concept). [FYI, she's NOT against biblical submission as we understand it so this discussion isn't about us, per se]. I think in Dr. Harley's opinion POJA effectuates love...whereas submission CAN BE???? (???perhaps depending on interpretation???) counter to POJA and, as a result, MAY fuel resentment, love busters or whatever.

It's nuanced...for sure and MAYBE you'd be interested in an "other topics" thread on Nouthetic Counselling and/or whether MB IS biblical counselling. I read a great paper on the subject which I hope I can find again (computer crashed and I lost the link).

Sorry for the threadjack but it is likely a conversation you'd be interested in too.

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