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I've always found it odd that there are many passages in the Bible advocating stoning to death any man or woman caught in adultery, and only one passage in which Jesus escapes a logical trap by refusing to pass judgment on an adulteress. Yet the divorce rate among US Christians is at least as high as that of non-Christians. Were US law actually Bible-based, as many believe, we'd have a death penalty for adultery.

This is not correct actually. Jesus fulfilled the requirements of the law as espoused in the Old Testament and replaced that with a new covenant. There is no requirement under the new testament to stone adulterors. It is of course a fact that "christians" cheat at least as frequently as non-christians.

See, here's where I disagree. Scripture advocates executing adulterers. MarriageBuilders does not. Scripture advocates turning the other cheek indefinitely. MarriageBuilders advocates a time limit. Scripture advocates sacrifice and suffering as a path toward righteousness. MarriageBuilders specifically advocates against such backward and unproductive notions.

Scripture does not advocate stoning for adultery as per above. Scripture does not advocate ANYTHING as being necessary for righteousness - in fact there is NOTHING we can do to become righteous before God - He imputes his righteousness to us when we come into a relationship with Christ. Scripture also advocates disfelloshiping of people who continually and willfully turn their back on Christ's teachings - sounds awefully like a time limit to me.

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