Something to remember also about EXPOSURE is many OW will wait in the wings allowing the marriage to look like it ended because the BW and WH couldn't get along anymore.

There are thousands of stories identical to this on this forum. Once the divorce is over, the OW and WH are dating.

EXPOSURE wide and far gets rid of this fantasy. Everyone will know the OW was the reason for the divorce.

WH usually do not forget their OW. Only time allows them to forget about them. Because most affairs do not die a natural death, there is a lovebank balance for the OW.

Killing the fantasy of WH and OW being together after the divorce is the only way to help the WH's lovebank balance to lose love.

EXPOSURE even if the affair is over has to be done as well. OW are notorious for waiting for the WH. If your WH tells you the affair is over, then you STILL expose to all her friends and family, and go as wide and far as possible.


My WH's OW was responsible for the breakup of another marriage. My WH tried to convince me her previous adultery was a roommate of hers, and not OW. I was able to get the roommates names from WH, and contact her. Oh was OW mad. She was so mad at my WH because he told me the roommate's name. That put a huge nail into their adultery. My WH told me he was advised from his Wayward mother that he can no longer talk to me because I keep exposing his affair, and it isn't my business anymore. HAHAHAHAHA

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