Greetings to all,
I've posted elsewhere (SAA), and was directed to read Exposure 101 -- which has proved extremely useful, and generated the following:
- I have compiled a list of 62 of OM's contacts (ie those who have commented/liked items on OM's page). Those contacts generated a total of 103 messages/comments/likes, out of which my WS's were 6 (six), the highest! There was one other woman and one guy with five, four women and two guys with four each, a couple of women with three, etc. I gathered these stats in case they help determine a) priority, and b) whether OM has a latent significant-other. Make sense? Any point?
- OM has no friends who aren't human, so the trick of befriending a small-company already friendly to OM etc won't work here. Alternative tack?
- My WS is very, very canny, and has NOTHING viewable to the public. How do you crack that nut? Or do you look for another nut to crack? (Btw, I have seen screenshots of OM and WS's arguments/lovers' tiffs, courtesy of Family Cyber Alert - which I can't rate highly enough, btw...)
- Not before time I deployed FCA (above): A scant three weeks later, and the WS starts a new job that gives her a new laptop -- meaning that she no longer will use the home laptop, on which I installed FCA. Still, it is Facebook that gave FCA the evidence...

Thanks. And all the best, happyfuture66!

Me: BS (b. 1965)
Wife: WS (b. 1971)
Affair exposed: May 2012. Affair proven: Apr 2012. Affair first suspected: Jan 2011. (Affair started: Late 2010.) ILYBINILWY (said by WW to BH): ~Sep 2009
DD: b. 2005. Married: May 2005. Met: Jul 2002. DSS: b. 1999.