Hi all,

Some of you might remember me (CV). I was here a few years ago because of an A my wife had. I want to report that we are doing very well. In full recovery thanks to all of you and your support. We are managing our time and conversations wisely.

The reason I am here is sadly because of my daughter. She called me at work last night and told me that while she was out at karaoke with her husband and a friend, a girl walked up to her friend and asked if my daughter was married to her husband.

Her friend asked why and she said because he was there with friends and bought her a shot and they made out, he told her he was single and she revealed a lot of personal info on him that is not casually known. She asked how long they were married and my daughter's friend said over a year and the girl replied "oh... this was 6 months ago".

My daughter's friend told her after they left, and my daughter called me ASAP. I found the girl on FB and know how to reach her if needs be.

I guess what I am asking being on the other side of things here is how do I best prep my daughter about d-day? We are gathering more info, because my wife and I smelled a rat months ago and I suspect he is seeing someone now.


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