My marriage is on the rocks right now, but I never thought my spouse would cheat on me. The other week, I noticed my spouse had **EDIT** open on the laptop. But then closed it so I wouldn't see it. I didn't know what it was until I googled it. My heart sank when I realized it was an online dating website. I suddenly realized my spouse is either trying to cheat on me or has already done so. Devastated. Totally devastated.

I didn't say anything for several weeks. We're mid 40s. Married 20+ years. When I did mention, my spouse blew it off that a friend in their 20s at work had asked about it. That sounded like a really poor cover up. Who in their 20s would ask a middle aged married person about an online dating website?

So now I have no idea if my spouse is using this site or not. How can I search **EDIT** or similar sites to find out the truth? If my spouse has online profiles? I'm hoping for the best, but bracing myself for the worst. I suspect my spouse is using an email account that I don't even know the email address for and doing so using private mode on web browsers.

Any help appreciated.

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