Hello all I'm new here I desperately need advice meanwhile I've been getting bad advice unfortunately must say all the wrong advice for the past two years.

I was contacted on social media from a woman claiming her in my husband had a child. Together This was two years ago. The situation has been nothing but a nightmare.so far my husband did a DNA test which came back as him being the child father. I absolutely Wasn't excited about the situation at all because the child is the same age as my son which means we we're pregnant at the same time how disgusting of him.

Not to mention we share five children together this woman has made my life a complete living hell me and my husband argue extremely too much over this nightmare. she's been telling me she wants our children to meet but she never attempted doing so for the last two years although I actually was all for it. But at this time in my life I just don't wanna deal with her or her child. I
embrace the situation attempted communicate with her only because there is a child involved.

My husband only saw the child one time she makes sure she tells me how many years he's been in her bed she's always telling me she's not going to sleep with him anymore she just wants him to co-parent with her but doesn't wants me calling although she contacted me on social media. she took out a fake retaining order out which the judge thrown out She gets upset when my husband doesn't contact ther I'm just done with the whole situation so sick of the bs he definitely betrayed me but yet he's a good provider he takes care of his family said he's sorry for making a mistake cut off all contact with her years before I even found out. please all advice will be appreciated...

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