I can understand how you feel when it comes to personal beliefs, but when it comes to religious beliefs I do and I don't. You are married and God created intimacy as a gift to you and H. I however do not feel as though this should be the determination of whether you stay together. I know this is a very important need for him. So I think that you should try something.<BR> <BR>When he wakes up in the morning and he's online how about getting into something really nice and coming into the room. And when he looks up, just climb on his lap while he's still in the chair. Take it from their and do your thing. Just be spontaneous!<P>You also may want to think about changing the light bulb color in the room one night. Have him sit at the edge of the bed and then blindfold him. Turn on some music and then remove the blindfold. Perform a little seductive dance for him as you take his clothing off and then yours.<P>Hmmm, what else? Maybe buy 5 Satin scarves and wrap it up as a gift. Give him the gift just before bed. And when he asked what they are for, tell him it is for him to tie your legs, tie your hands, blindfold your eyes, and for him to have his way with you. <P>You want to keep the excitement and the spontaneous part alive. Then in time maybe you'll feel more comfortable with your husband and be willing to explore. But only when your ready. If its not involving a third person, an animal, or something of the sort, there is not much that you can't do.<P>Just a couple of ideas...<P>Pray on this and I'll also be praying for you!<P>------------------<BR>"If you can learn from the mistakes of others, you won't have to make them youself."<P>lady_divine77@yahoo.com