With men, no matter how perverted or whatever claims they have to particular needs, the bottom line is getting the semen out.<P>If you can do that often in ways that you feel comfortable with, your husband will gradually start to lose his "need" for various thrills. He will slowly become associated with whatever you are doing. The same way the Pavlov experiements worked when he would ring a bell before a meal and the dog would automatically salivate for his dinner. Eventually, just ringing the bell with no food made the dog salivate anyway.<P>Right now, your husband feels that he needs all sorts of "kicks" to have enough excitement to enjoy the sexual experience. But the bottom line is the semen getting out of the system. Once it is, Elvis has left the building, interest in things sexual is gone for most men.<P>After enough experiences like this with you, he will associate you with the releases, no matter how tame the method may have been. Eventually, he will begin to believe that he really doesn't need all of these other things for enjoyment.<P>But as long as you rarely are the cause of this release or only participate when the mood is right, your pain will only increase.<P>Again, the bottom line is semen leaving his body. You don't have to have sexual intercourse to accomplish that.