First of all, and I have maintained this over many other posts, so I'll bring it up again... time spent on porn has very little do with sexual satisfaction. Masturbation, (the only use I can see for porn) especially for men can be used as a totally non-sexual release. I do understand about fears regarding the kids getting into it by accident. There are programs that help filter this stuff and make the pc more kid friendly. Many porn sites have links to this software and your H should be able to find it pretty easily.<P>Apart from that, many of the above posts are very good, better than I could have come up with... (I had forgotten about the Song of Solomon thing) <P>Also...<P>Before EMA and for a short time afterwards, sex was right up there on the emotional needs list. Once W started meeting these needs for physical intimacy, and it wasn't such a 'void' for me, the importance dropped significantly. Now it's right down there at the bottom. It's not all that frequent, but when it happens, it's great and I'm no longer insecure about it.<P>One thing offended me greatly though:<P>"With men, no matter how perverted or whatever claims they have to particular needs, the bottom line is getting the semen out."<P>As a man I take great exception to this. Not only is it far from the truth for me, but I believe that it is false for the majority of men out there. Sexual fulfilment may occupy a high rung on the importance ladder, but I believe that it's a case of a physical manifestation of emotional issues... not just a primal need to ejaculate. Hey, I'm not saying that I, as a male, never get that feeling, but that's when I turn the pc on. I do not view my wife as an object. When I am with her in bed, my thoughts revolve around love and sharing pleasure. NOT about gettting my rocks off. Regardless of how perverted we may or may not get, btw.<P>Deut<BR>