To cuckold:<P>It's not a matter of my husband having trouble getting or maintaining an erection. We've been having plenty of "plain old vanilla" sex; and it's not even that my H wants to give up "vanilla" sex compltely in lieu of 31 flavors--the dilemma, problem, whatever you want to call it, for me, is the variety that he wants to spice our sex life up with.<P>If we were just talking about oral sex, I could probably live with it, although I just do not find in enjoyable, and I'm afraid that that lack of enthusiasm has been noticed.<P>It's some of the other things that my husband has suggested that have got me completely freaked out (and it's not that he hasn't suggested these scenarios throughout our 14 year marriage, he's just suggesting them more often and with more "urgency" over the past year):<BR> Handcuffing and gagging me<BR> "Light" S/M<BR> Videotaping<BR> Inviting someone to watch us<BR> Him watching me with another woman (preferably the OW)<BR> Him watching me with another man (preferably my old college boyfriend)<BR> Anal sex<P>So, fine... Maybe I am a prude! But, given that my husband has known that I am very conservative, sexually, and that my own personal preferences will not allow me to do these things, I find the fact that he keeps bringing them up to be quite disturbing.