RavenHair, <P>For what it's worth, just remember "To thine own self be true." Don't compromise your morals or beliefs to make someone else happy - whatever the cost. If he goes elsewhere for the reasons you stated, that doesn't say much for him. Keep in mind, he should be cherishing you. It doesn't matter how vanilla your sex is, that is no reason to stray and it's definitely not your fault! Hey, vanilla sex is sex!<P>I wasn't sure what practices your H was refering to until your last post. You're not a prude. He's desiring things that are outside the realm of a loving marriage relationship. As others have said, participate in activites you both find desirable. <P>By the way, the older I get the more I like vanilla. It's all rolled into the emotional intimacy of the act. That's what guys are looking for. Otherwise, we would all be content with being a do-it-yourselfer. <P>To all: Keep in mind that there are many of us here that can count the number of times we've been intimate with our mate on one hand in the past year. I get depressed everytime I read about this 3-4 times a week stuff. <P>Dazed: Tell your hubby to have a little snip-snip done. That will relieve any anxiety over unwanted pregancies. It's a pretty simple procedure and he can be back in action after a couple of days. <P>SHA