Hello everyone,<P>I have been reading these posts and some of you already know where I have been and still am in regards to H's problem with porn and his sexual appetites. Some have said here that if Raven shows more enthusiasum and makes things more spontaneous, interesting and fun where sex is concerned he H will eventually lose interest in the porn and focus more on her and the marriage. I have done all these things and H gets more involved with the porn and spending time alone. It seems no matter what or how I do anything concerning sex, it isn't enough and he refuses to discuss it or allow me to understand how WE can create intimacy with each other without him constantly running to the porn sites and watching videos. <P>As a mattter of fact it has become so bad that he took off from work yesterday while I was taking my parents out of town to see a doctor and rented porn videos and spent the day at home looking up porn sites and enjoining his movies. And all this time I have put much energy into our sex life, as a matter of fact the night before, Valentine's Day I thought we had a great time. And he said we would start over at making this marriage what it should be. However, the very next day he takes off from work, lies to me about that and spends the entire day involved in fanatsizing to porn. Can anyone please understand why I am so confused here.<BR>HE has sex with another woman while I had to be away and since has not given up his hobby with porn and keeps getting more and more involved with it and he has certain tastes that I know he wants to fullfill and like RavenHair I fear he will get so into this to the point he will seek his pleasure for it elsewhere. Believe me I have met him at the door with sexy outfits and I have a very creative imagination, but none of this stops his behavior and he is getting to the point where it is everytime I am gone somewhere or when home he sneaks it the best way he can, before we have sex and after. Makes me think that I can not satisfy this man no matter what I do. Is it possible that some men become addicted to masterbation and get a much more fullfilled need this way instead of being with their partner? I do feel my H is addicted to the porn and it is getting worse, not better. He refuses to get help and denies he is addicted. <P>Boy, did I ramble on. Sorry, but I do feel what you, Ravenhair are going through with this and I have been trying to understand and help him, but my H is not willing to stop even for a little while so I can gain some sense of security in this marriage, and he knows how I feel about some of the things he would like to do sexually and yes, I did give it a try, but it was just too painful and what is kind of scary is that the few times we have had sex he gets rough and this is or has not been like him in the past. It's as if he has no regard for my feelings and is acting out what he sees in these videos. He is becoming someone I don't know anymore.