Kenneth,<P>Do you know how I can do that? I am not being sarcastic, I am very serious. How do I or can I get rid of this addiction? He says he will stop and like an alcoholic, keeps going back to it. Even after he sees the pain and distress it puts me through. He cannot stop, but what is most hurtful is that he doesn't want to. So how do I help him see it differently? For seven years I have been there, loving him and being patient, then I got to point where I said I can't take this anymore and wanted out of the marriage. He got scared and said he would stop, but didn't. I said, let me help you to stop and we will work on this together. He says, OKay and then continues to lie and sneak the porn anyway! Can you see how this make me feel like a fool and helpless at the same time. <P>Your right, we can't even begin to work on a relationship until we no longer have this obstacle in our way. But I am truly at a loss as to what it will take. He will not go to counciling, talk about a rock and a hard place, I'm there.