Kenneth,<P>How do you put a password on a browser, I am partially computer literate. No, I do not have a net nanny and yes, we have been going to church together, so far. And as far as going to the video store where he frequents, they would laugh at me. These people promote it, they don't see what harm it does and would tell him I was there. Bet you can guess what that would cause? And unfortunately there is no one that we both know whom we can trust. He has NO male friends. I have lots of friends and have tried to get him involved with the couples I know but he does not have an interest to do this. He visits or more or less puts up with them but does not care to develope a friendship with any of the husbands of the wives I am friends with. Come to think of it as long as I have been married to the man he has not had one friend who he contacts or does any activity with. This is not healthy. He self absorbs and hides from the world. And when he goes anywhere he always wants just me there. And I have yet to get his enthusiasum on kicking this habit which is taking over our marriage.<BR>So if I begin to act like a prison warden will this really help? Or should I just let him have all this without me and hope and pray he comes to his senses of what is right and what he should be doing as a husband and father? Even if you took all the alcohol out of the house and told the bar keeps everywhere not to serve them, they would still find a way to drink. Forcing it won't stop it. My H has to realize on his own and stop it. I wish I could do it for him but unfortunately, all the crying, pleading, begging and demanding has not and does not work. I have been caring, kind, loving, understanding and that hasn't worked either.<BR>So now what. I pray for a miracle before he gets me to the point where I simply don't have any more love left to give. And don't care what he does. If and when I get to that point, I'm afraid there will be no turning back. I have warned him time and again. But he keeps doing it and once you lose so much of what you felt or feel there is no chance of getting it back. I have gone through this before long ago and I am tired of feeling like I come second. I put him first with me and I at least expect the same. I don't believe that is asking too much. If it is, then it is goodbye. <P>Didn't mean to chew your ear off. And I apprecitate your questions and suggestions.<BR>I wish it were that easy. It may sound as if I am waffeling back and forth from wanting him to not wanting him. But, I want him and this marriage and always have. I just know that I am human and can take so much before I have to face reality and realize where I stand with him in his life. Do you know what I mean? I'm fighting here and holding on with a white knuckle grip, but I am only so strong.