Thank you, theStudent....
I am also in similar situation as WH demanded sexual experiences against my personal belief and/or uncomfortabilities....I was bullied, name-called, perform to his sexual matter how demeaned it made me feel, or dirty, to that matter....
I was very upfront and honest before getting married also, about my good, bad and the uglies of me....why hide the truth, since he will know my true colors anyways?
After 18 years of marriage, I found out of his affairs....and also contracted a std by him...
Now, he and the marriage counselor demands that i give my WH, i still feel coerced, bullied....the marriage counselor really enabled WH's actions and mindset.

D-Day: 07-18-2010
BW- 39
Married-18 years
Separated- 02-18-2011 (second time since August 2010)