I agree and appreciate this insight. I did apologize to her about not being more understanding on things and let her know we love her and and here for her whenever she may want to return home; not questions asked.

What I am struggling with is what is deemed �support�? I can�t allow myself to support in any fashion this relation with the OM. He has brain washed her and is using her and doesn�t even have a job of Hs diploma. DD18 knows I will never accept him into the family and I guess maybe that�s why she snooped around and left for him.

I will give her the money we committed to but is that the end of the financial support?

DD18 is accepted at Penn State, we paid admission fees
Signed loan papers, now this. She also left her car here which has a loan in our name, is registered to my wife and I and carries our insurance. DD18 in her letter said we could sell it.

Do we just take the stance that we will support her in healthy ways but when are we enablers to furthering the life with the POS OM?

Thank to all...